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Our 33-year-old son suffered a traumatic brain injury as a pedestrian. Doctors and other specialists did not offer much hope or see any progress in his rehabilitation. I asked Shirley to come with me to see him, and through her eyes, we were able to see and understand that Kelly was trying to connect with us. Her ideas and insight have helped us and his foster home continue to move forward with building a better life for him.

—PB, Parent

A Natural Education Remedy for Parents of Kids Who Struggle in School

What is your child’s learning style?

Is your child is struggling with any of the following?

A brief learning style inventory can identify the easiest way to build skills for his/her challenging areas. In some cases, it may also be important to identify levels of achievment through additional testing.

Building Skills

Developing needed skills by identifying and using a child’s strongest learning channel builds confidence in the child’s own abilities. Together, you and your child can “learn how he/she learns” and apply natural strategies to problem learning areas. Mindfulness techniques can help skill-building by bringing awareness of how to pause and check in with senses, thoughts, and feelings.

The PALS Approach

Using the Yes I Can natural education remedy, your child and a trained PALS Coach will build a personally-tailored tool kit using the Positive Action Learning Steps (PALS) approach:

  • P=Positive: With a PALS Coach, your child will be helped to identify his/her own positive learning attributes and strategies for building needed skills. A review of existing school/home information, along with formal/informal assessments are part of the natural learning remedy and can help determine goal priorities.
  • A=Action: The coach will help develop an action plan of goals to work on that includes I can statements such as “I can read at my grade level” or “I can make and keep a friend,” or I am statements, as in “I am a self-manager.” Mindful affirmation of one’s stated goals is an important key to success.
  • L=Learning: The PALS plan includes regular sessions for specific instruction and practice toward stated goals. Parents are as much a part of the process as they naturally wish to be and in concert with their child’s wishes.
  • S=Steps: Children make their own “Yes I Can” learning connections as each step of the mindful plan is achieved. Final steps can include celebrations that affirm their growth as part of the natural education remedy.

Free Consultation

Yes I Can Learning Strategies offers a free initial phone consultation as a way to gather information in preparation for helping your child grow his/her own PALS plan and see if this matches with what you are looking for.

Find out more about this natural education remedy by calling Shirley Irwin at (541) 231-9521 or completing and submitting the contact inquiry form on this web site.

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