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[Shirley Irwin is] engaging, fun, compassionate, knowledgeable, and VERY good with kids who have learning challenges.

—PJP, Behavior Consultant

Natural Education Remedies for Learning

What are three educational strategies you can try right away to enhance instruction for the variety of learning needs in your class?

  1. Positive behavior support—always be sure your interaction with students is at a ratio of at least five positive to one corrective statement.
  2. Multiple learning styles—benefit from the use of visual, verbal, and tactile instruction and practice in order to enhance brain activity toward memory and skill building.
  3. After an assignment is given—check for understanding and for possible accommodations you may need to make for students struggling with learning (including English language learning).

Services and resources for classroom educators, special education teachers, and paraprofessionals are provided through consultation, direct student instruction, and/or staff development in:

These natural education remedies include strategies and best practices for English language learners (ELL). In addition, standard achievement testing, learning styles inventories, social and attention skills checklists, and observational checklists are provided by a skilled professional as part of information-gathering to address specific needs.

From a Special Educator:

I have known Shirley Irwin professionally for several years. I have had the privilege of working directly with her as a fellow special educator, sharing a large and diverse caseload of special education students in the Corvallis school district.

Shirley is one of the most prepared people I know. She is an expert at creating an environment of respect and rapport. Her students are on-task and engaged while she provides clear instruction and expectations. Shirley is proactive in staying abreast of effective intervention methods and use of technology applicable to student learning. While maintaining high standards for learning, she conveys a sense of warmth and caring toward children she is teaching.

My observations of and interactions with Shirley have always been highly professional. She demonstrates an impressive ability to communicate with families and outside service agencies.

—Sue Pastor, M.S. Special Education, Corvallis School District

Free Consultation

Yes I Can Learning Strategies offers a free initial consultation as a way to meet and gather information in preparation for helping classroom teachers, special educators, and paraprofessionals help all their students, regardless of individual challenges, say “Yes I Can” to learning.

Find out more about this natural education remedy by calling Shirley Irwin at (541) 231-9521 or completing and submitting the contact inquiry form on this web site.

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