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Yes I Can Learning Strategies, LLC—Education Consultant and Resource for Educators and Parents

What can we do for you?

At Yes I Can Learning Strategies, we strive to build individual, family, and school partnerships for learning success. By teaching and practicing positive action learning strategies, classroom teachers, special educators, parents, and students can all develop the essential skills needed to achieve their goals.

Natural Education Remedies

We welcome the opportunity to partner with you in creating solutions to address these concerns and to help develop an individualized plan of natural education remedies (NER) to fully meet your needs.

A natural education remedy uses natural, medication-free methods to identify students' strengths and challenges in order to enhance their progress. Examples include gathering information about a child's specific needs and providing instruction and strategies to improve:

Mindfulness techniques include instruction and guidance that help reduce stress and anxiety. In the physiology of Mindfulness, the brain learns to better concentrate, reason, learn, be creative, and regulate itself. More than a way of learning, it is a way of living.

Involving parents, educators, and learners in goal setting and instructional steps are a natural turn key to affirming strengths, targeting skills, and achieving successful outcomes at home or in school.

Services for Parents

Yes I Can Learning Strategies is a natural educational remedy for supporting your child at home or at school. We can provide assessment and observation in many settings to better understand and respond to what you are already sharing with us.

Shirley was a very valuable and welcome member and leader of our IEP (Individual Education Plan) team, collaborating with us to help our son with his numerous challenges—challenges that included feeling safe and secure while at school.

Because of her years of experience working in the Learning Resource Center (LRC), Shirley was able to gain our son's trust and help him to be successful at school. She truly got to know him, listened to us, and worked with other school staff to ensure his needs were met.

Our son started third grade well below grade level in reading. At the beginning of fourth grade, he was reading at grade level, and by the end of that school year was way above grade level. We are so grateful that Shirley was the LRC teacher at our son's school when he needed help the most!

—Cathy Law & Steve George

Services for Educators

Yes I Can Learning Strategies is a natural education remedy that provides training and support for teachers and paraprofessionals. We can provide tailored trainings in learning strategies for struggling students, mindful moments for the classroom, organizational skills, social and behavioral strategies, and other types of problem-solving. We have materials and strategies ready for you to use tomorrow for individual students and class groups.

A marvelous teacher! Shirley not only understands how to teach children with learning challenges, she is also a wonderful teacher of adults as she helps them understand classroom management and instructional strategies and techniques.

—Scott Perry, Superintendent, Medford (Oregon) School District

Whether you are a parent, an educator, or an administrator, Yes I Can Learning Strategies offers free inquiry and initial phone consultation services toward identifying natural education remedies to meet your needs.

Shirley Irwin, MS, Ed., is a qualified and experienced consultant who has been a special educator for over twenty-five years. Call today: 541.231.9521 or use our convenient contact form.

Serving Corvallis, Albany, Salem, and Eugene.